A Dog Roleplay site, welcoming anyone from Low Intermediate to Advanced. A city is under quarantine, and the humans are dying quickly. Food runs low- And you must run.
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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:13 am

First and Foremost, we're very tolerant about swear words used. If your character happens to have a colorful vocabulary, so be it. In fact, it often makes things more interesting. What is not okay is directly swearing at someone on the Chat Box.

God Modding should not and will not be tolerated. While some dogs are more skilled than others, you may not run from place to place and not be tired, or be a Chihuahua and attack a German Shepherd and say that you won, or killed them. There's a way for us to figure out who won a fight- Because we all know there will be arguments that turn to bloodshed.

Auto-Hitting is a no as well. This is when you say "Stella chomped down on Belle's neck, leaving a dark gash." It isn't the worst thing to do, as it's easily corrected, but it is up to the owner of the character to choose what injuries their character takes. On the flip side, your character can't be unharmed either. So, perhaps Stella lunged for the neck, and as Belle dodged, she messed up her footing and injured her paw.

There is a 250 word count. You are also expected to know proper grammar- The occasional misspelling is fine, we're only human, but you can't even spell paw, you should learn before jumping into RP. This isn't a must, but it's highly appreciated if you write in Third Person. You are not your character, and it makes more sense if everyone is writing in the same tense.

There are no graphic mating scenes. If the characters are having puppies, use Fade to Black, or something along those lines. Also, both need to have agreed to this. Your character can't just wander around getting pregnant from 12 different dogs, or go around impregnating 12 different gals. A breeding will likely be successful, although there is a chance that no pups occur. This will be decided by the Moderators. Pregnancy in a dog lasts a week, during which the female should not be fighting, or even moving much during the final days. If the female is roughhousing too much during this time, the puppy(s) will likely have a mild to severe birth defect, making it a natural Tainted.

Liquid Time is allowed. This is when your character appears to be in two places at once. This is because sometimes you'll be in one place with a person that becomes inactive, and be stuck at a standstill. Although, only do this as much as you can handle. Over two active places isn't supported.

Have fun! Yes, we're being serious with this one. Any moping about will be severely prosecuted with hugs and cookies. <3
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Basic Rules
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