A Dog Roleplay site, welcoming anyone from Low Intermediate to Advanced. A city is under quarantine, and the humans are dying quickly. Food runs low- And you must run.
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 Guide to Titles

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PostSubject: Guide to Titles   Mon Nov 09, 2015 12:37 am

You may have noticed there are different groups here. This is intended to work as a ranking system for the characters, or give them a base to branch off of. Or, in Moderator's case, it's just a Title to show the work that they do for us.

Front Runner
In another world, they'd be called an Alpha. The difference here is that their Band of Dogs is much smaller. A Front Runner has the skill to be vicious, but is smart enough to lead a group of Dogs. They're often looked up to as heroes within the dark walls. These Dogs follow their Front Runner's orders, and are disciplined or punished if they do not. A Dog in a band may be an Erudition, Wind-Sweeper, Cut-Throat. Having a Tainted in your band isn't a good tactic for a Front-Runner's survival.
+1 Battle
+1 Strategy

These are the vicious dogs of the city. They rarely form a relationship with anyone, and prefer to live alone. Nobody is born an evil soul, though, and many of these dogs have harsh backstories that made them this way. Nevertheless, if you come across one, you'd better run. They aren't much for sympathy or mercy- Meat is food, and many don't think about the difference between a Dog and Meat.
+2 Battle

These Dogs are the smart ones. They don't often have trouble with food, and make good additions to a Front Runner's band. Just because they are smart doesn't mean they're friendly, however, and they wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of another, dumber, dog. An Erudition isn't very strong, and would have the best chances of survival in running from a fight. Strategically, you know.
+2 Strategy

These Dogs are quick as lightning, and know how to run. Their pasty bones are easily broken, and can be tricked by an Erudition if they aren't careful enough, but what does that matter when you can run? Often called a coward, these Dogs can get a bad rep. But in fact, these dogs only fight when there is something to fight for. A Wind-Sweeper can be vicious, as well, towards another. Their personalities differ.
+2 Agility

These Dogs are sick and injured. They wouldn't survive long on their own, but would be bullied amongst other dogs. So they're stuck in a vicious cycle, topped by being unable to do anything about this situation. If a Dog is thrown out of it's band, it has a chance of becoming Tainted. If a pregnant female is attacked, or consumes something poisoned, her pups will likely be Tainted. Human Meat is also infected, although you have to eat a lot of it to get any effects. A Tainted who rides out the storm will be rewarded.
+3 Evolution

This isn't a Dog, but a person! You can apply to be a moderator, or a staff member to be more exact. These people take care of the site, and make sure rules aren't being broken. Their Dog gets no bonus from their position, and would stay as whatever it started out as.
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Guide to Titles
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